What Is Christianity?

The meaning of Christianity can be found when one understands what the name ‘Jesus Christ’ means. Most names mean something and people are often named along family lines. Christianity can be defined by these two names, which have meaning and significance: ‘Jesus’, and ‘Christ’.

‘Jesus’ means ‘God rescues’. ‘Christ’ is not a surname but a title, like ‘king’. The kings of ancient Israel were called Christ. Therefore Christianity can be summarized as “God’s King has come to rescue”.

Jesus came from heaven and stepped into our history to rescue people. Who, and why? Jesus has come to rescue all humanity who has not only rejected God, but is living in rebellion to him and his word. Humans are guilty before God and will pay for their guilt by death and an eternal judgment. However, God’s King Jesus has come to rescue guilty people by dying in our place, to clear our guilt. He came back to life to defeat the punishment of death and open the doors of heaven.

So Christianity has everything to do with Jesus, who is God’s King, come to rescue a rebellious people.

Does this mean all of humanity is free and going to heaven? No! Christians are people who have trusted their life to Jesus. They live under his good rule and they have trusted in Jesus’ death and resurrection for them. Christians therefore have responded appropriately to God’s King.

Unfortunately there are people who continue to reject God and his King, and so still stand guilty before God. The only way to live a life of forgiveness, to obtain a fresh start in a right relationship with God, and an eternity with God and his people in heaven, is to submit your life to the rule of King Jesus. He will come again to end this history, judge the world on how they have responded to Him, and bring all the promises of heaven to His people.

All this truth can be found in the Bible. If you want to read about Jesus in the Bible, we suggest you start with the book of Mark, in the New Testament. If you don’t have a Bible, we would be very pleased to give you one.

Where do you stand with Jesus? This question affects everything and is central to all that Christianity is. Jesus wants a relationship with you! We at Marrickville Rd Church encourage you to put your trust in Jesus by praying a prayer like this:

I trust you Jesus as my personal King. Thank you for taking the consequences of my sin on yourself and for dying in my place so that I can live forever with you. Thank you for coming back to life. I am sorry for my rebellious life and I promise to follow you this day and for the rest of my life.

If you have prayed this prayer we are very excited! You have passed from death to life! If you have further questions please feel free to contact us, and either way, please come and see us at one of our services.

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