Weekly Meetings

Sunday Services: 9:30am  & 5:30pm

On a Sunday we come together as a community to sing, pray, read from the bible and hear a bible talk (sermon). Afterwards we continue getting to know each other. We are a diverse group of people of all ages and cultures. We focus our service on better knowing God and having a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

Parents will find a creche area to the left of the main seating area, where they can allow their children to play whilst still fully participating in the service.

Kids church program runs alongside our 9:30am service.

Community Groups

Our Community Groups are made up of friends and neighbours and hosted in people’s homes on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s in and around Marrickville. These small groups meet together weekly to read the Bible, support each other and discuss relevant topics in a relaxed setting. These groups allow us to get to know each other better so we can love, serve and share Jesus with each other and  our community.

If you would like more information on joining one of these groups, please contact us.

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