• Our 11:30am morning Mandarin service meets in our Marrickville Road Church Building.
  • Our 4:30pm afternoon Mandarin service meets in the West Pennant Hills Community Church Building.

With a number of Chinese immigrants and speakers living in Australia, we saw the need to start a mandarin speaking service.

Due to a number of church members travelling from West Pennant Hills our church started a new afternoon Mandarin Service in the West Pennant Hills Community church at 4:30pm.

For more information, contact Pastor Luke Nan on 0424 391818.

We believe that God has elected us to give us salvation. He has also called us to follow Him, to be His disciples and to fulfill the great commandment and great commission of Jesus Christ, which is to love our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind, to love our neighbours as ourselves, to lead them to Jesus Christ, to nurture them in spiritual growth, and to train them to serve and to spread the good news.

Our five ministry purposes are based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission:
1. Mission – Gather people to Jesus by the spread of Christ’s Gospel.
2. Membership – Graft them into the family of Christ by the baptism of rebirth and water.
3. Maturity – Guide them to Christlike maturity by the announcement of the Holy Word and the application of Holy Communion.
4. Ministry – Grow them for ministry in the church and for mission in the world by life of the church.
5. Magnify – Glorify God.

随着澳洲华人移民数量急剧的增加,以及大量的中国和其它讲华语地区的留学生选择来澳洲深造。为了回应这一巨大的福音需要,本教会设立于一九九二年设立华语崇拜。我们相信上帝拣选我们、使我们得到救恩,呼召我们来跟从祂成为祂的门徒,为要我们去遵行主耶稣所吩咐的最大的诫命与最大的使命,即爱尽心、尽性、尽意爱主我们的上帝,并爱我们的邻舍如同自己,引领他们归向耶稣基督,栽培他们的灵命成长,训练他们去事奉神服务人群和传福音给未听闻福音者。 基于大诫命和大使命我们为马利维圣公会华人基督教会设立五大目标: 1、借着福音的传扬引领人转向耶稣(宣教) 2、借着重生的洗和圣洗礼使他们成为基督家里的成员(会友) 3、借着圣道的宣讲和圣礼的施行使他们在基督里逐步成熟(门训Maturity) 4、借着教会生活栽培他们在教会中事奉和在世界中见证(事工Ministry) 5、以此荣耀上帝(颂赞Magnify) 我们11:30am的崇拜地点:马利维圣公会礼拜堂的正堂 如要进一步了解请联系和路加传道(手机:0424 391 818)

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